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About US

Evergreen Lawn Renovations, LLC is a Millitary Owned Weed & Feed company. We specialize in improving and renovating the overall health and sustainability of lawn all over the Triangle. Alot of homeowners believe the only option to renovate a poor lawn is that they have is to kill the entire lawn, add topsoil and plant sod.

BOOM problem solved right?

Absolutely not due to four factors that can cause a lawn to breakdown: Soil Compaction (Inhibits Root Development), Lack of nutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium), improper cultural practices, (Mowing, Watering etc.), and PEST (Disease, Grubs, Armyworm’s etc.)

If we don’t correct the factors that hinder a lawn’s sustainability eventually you will need to replace your lawn again and we haven’t encountered a client yet that just wants to throw money at something and hope it works. You should get actually RESULTS that translates into a nice lawn and it shouldn't cost you a fortune to do so. With our Emerald & Gold Weed & Feed Lawn Programs, we can correct all those factors and guarantee you a healthy green lawn year in and year out at a fraction of the cost it will be to continue to start over every other year.

Evergreen Lawn Renovations is a Family Owned business with 20 years’ experience in every aspect of the lawn and landscape industry and we are committed to providing excellent service at affordable pricing to ensure satisfaction.

Evergreen Lawn Renovations also uses the latest education and information from NC State University Turf Management programs to ensure we adapt our program with the everchanging climate, environmental concerns, and best practice management practices to be sure our programs are leaders in doing everything the right way. We are a small company that only services the Triangle so therefore we don’t have tens of thousands of lawns to remember and we can focus on yours.

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