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Before hiring Evergreen I used TruGreen for years. Well I felt like I was paying way too much for my lawn treatments and I would still have weeds and other problems in my lawn. Robert performed a soil test and put together a program specific to my lawn’s needs and I’ve seen night and day results to what I was used to. Thanks so much Robert, you guys rock!

Khalil S.

I didn’t think a company like this existed after multiple bad experiences with TruGreen, Fairway Green and Weed Man.  They are bringing a new approach to Weed & Feed at a very affordable price. Just because you overpay for something doesn’t mean it works the best. Thank God I found Robert at Evergreen.  Six months into our Emerald Weed & Feed program made our lawn the best in this neighborhood. If you want a nice lawn give Evergreen a call!

Martha Joyce

Don't Overpay Just For A Company Name, Pay For Results!!

We know just as much if not more  than any other Lawn Care/ Weed & Feed Company in the State Of North Carolina. Your lawn will be in great hands with us.  No Contract Required and All Estimates Are Free!!