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is your lawn programs gUARANTEED?

Yes, if you are unhappy with how your lawn looks we’ll come out to your property for free in-between applications until you are satisfied. We have designed our programs based on years and years of research done by NC State University. That ensures every step of our program is tailor made just for our environment therefore it works every single time.

are you licensed and Certified?

Yes, we are fully licensed. NC Landscape Contractors License number #1383, NC Ground Pesticide Applicator #33842. NC State University Turfgrass Management Certification. NC State BMP Maintenance Certification.

should i water my lawn after a lawn treatment?

In most cases when using liquid weed control, crabgrass control, or insect control, it is not recommended to water immediately afterwards. This will allow the material to be absorbed into the grass plant. When using a granular grub control, it is recommended that the material be watered in. Watering within the first few days will enhance the effectiveness of the product.

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What does lime do for my lawn?

Lime helps modify the acidity in the soil and allows the grass to absorb and use fertilizers more efficiently. It also supplies calcium to the grass, which is an important nutrient for the photosynthesis process. Typical soils in this area are acidic, and applying lime yearly would be beneficial.


the grass is very thin under my trees. how can i improve the situation?

The roots of the trees are competing with the grass for water and nutrients, leaving the grass with an inadequate supply of each. Also, the grass requires a period of direct sunlight in order to grow properly. Pruning trees, planting shade-resistant grass, or planting ground cover such as pachysandra can help the situation.


how safe are the lawn applications?

The materials which are used for lawn applications are of a very low toxicity and are registered and used in strict compliance to labeled instructions. They are applied by licensed technicians in accordance with state and local regulations. We do ask that you allow 1hr to elapse to allow treatment time to dry.


Why, in the tree and shrub program, do you only fertilize in the fall?

Fertilizing in the spring basically enhances top growth that causes excessive pruning. A fall fertilizer supplies balanced macro and micro nutrients needed for adequate food storage in preparation for winter. It also provides vital root growth. This leads to healthy and vigorous plants.


should i mow the same day as a treatment?

We recommend that you wait to mow 24 to 48 hours after any liquid treatment. You can mow immediately after a granular treatment is applied.

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