Mosquito Control

one mosquito treatment works for 30 days!

Reducing the Population = Reducing the Risk! Mosquitos pose a threat to the area and we want to protect you and your family by using the best mosquito-control products and equipment at the right time to target these pesky insects. With a target-specific mister, your Evergreen Lawn specialist treats harborage areas where mosquitoes live and breed all around the home. Mosquito treatments are effective for 30 days and must be repeated on time monthly to maintain peak effectiveness.

Tailormade Just For You

We Provide personalized care for your lawns needs not your Neighbors.

  • We reduce the mosquitoes and, in turn, reduces the risks—they carry diseases and we want our customers to stay safe and not worry about the health and safety of their families


  • We know that the outside space is a desired place to be…BBQs, birthday parties, swimming fun, swing-set time can all be enjoyable without pesky mosquitoes interrupting your leisure time

March or sooner

A mosquito-control specialist will locate areas mosquitos use for resting sites, such as doors, awnings or under decks, as well as any moist conditions. Your trained specialist is always looking for new activity and harborage areas, applying the mosquito treatment to all mosquito habitats. Keeping an eye on conducive spaces allows your property to be at less risk for a mosquito takeover.


Spray Barrier around the home and all mulched areas to reduce mosquito population. We target activity zones and breeding areas. Trained specialist is always looking for new activity and harborage areas.


Continued treatments around the home to provide extended protection from mosquitoes. The specialist will inspect and treat any needed area that he sees as a possible threat.


Mosquito habitats will be treated, a continued action plan to control the population and give you confidence of knowing LawnWise is taking the backyard away from mosquitoes and giving you outdoor leisure.

Lawn Care. Made. Simple.

What Evergreen Lawn Renovations Can Offer You

At EverGreen we have an unwavering passion for taking care of your property. This shapes our unconditional quality standard we promise to uphold. Our commitment to our customers goes deeper than business, it’s a passion for growing things and creating an environment we can all be proud of. With over 20 years in the industry, our team knows what you want (beautiful, weed-free grass, no pests) and what you don’t (excuses). That’s not a problem because we never wait for problems to occur – we prevent them! When you choose EverGreen, you choose piece of mind.


Experienced Technicians

Every technician is already fully trained and certified through North Carolina Department of Agriculture. No employee "practices" on your lawn.


Flexible Programs

We provide lawn care service programs designed to fit all budgets, from our "Basic" program to our "Complete" program, that offer everything your lawn needs to be healthy & beautiful.


Expert Lawn Tips

We give you watering advice. Mowing heights. And other important information to ensure we maximize your lawns full capability.


Collaborative Approach

We use a collaborative relationship with NC State University to ensure we evolve our programs and services with up to minute research.


picture Worthy Lawns

We guarantee you will have a lawn you will be proud of in no time. We actually would love to see the progress annually.


Locally Owned-and-Operated

EverGreen is a locally owned-and-operated company with an emphasis on what matters most to us.: Beautifying your lawn and providing complete home pest defense.

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