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Soil tests are the best way of getting an x-ray view into the composition of soil. In most areas of the U.S., soil quality varies greatly from house to house and even within the same yard. A worst case scenario may be when home builders remove the topsoil and do the finish grading with the subsurface clay. The homeowner is then expected to grow quality turfgrass in what the contractor calls soil. I would think that most situations are a little better than that, but if not, all things are fixable.

Soil tests are designed to measure the nutrients that are available to plants and recommend corrective action for any problems. Before buying the first bag of fertilizer, submitting a soil sample to be tested will provide helpful information and insights into establishing lawn fertility goals.

Since different grasses require differing amounts of nutrients, professional soil tests will base the results on the primary grass type you have.

Depending on the lab, they may check for soil pH, buffer pH, CEC (cation exchange capacity), and percent of organic matter. They will also measure some or all of the following nutrients, such as phosphorus, potassium, copper, iron, Manganese, zinc, boron and a few other tests. Some labs do not measure Nitrogen (N) levels because of how mobile N is in the soil. The level of nitrogen fluctuates greatly and the results may not be accurate by the time a fertility program is initiated.

It should be noted that the soil testing labs print the results using turf industry terminology, often without any explanation as to what they mean. If a person is not familiar with soil science, parts of it may seem like Greek.


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