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Weed & Feed Program

Our Signature Weed & Feed Program keeps your lawn green & weed-free. Customized programs based on solid research for cool-season and warm-season lawns, feeding at the right time and in the right amounts to maintain maximum health and vigor throughout the year. Regular treatment of weeds will keep your lawn beautiful and virtually weed-free throughout the year.

We understand that in many cases, it takes time to cultivate a lush, green, weed-free lawn; we will help you understand the process and expectations as we begin your program.

Annual Plan for 7-Visits

Annual Plan for 7-Visits
Inspection — An inspection of the lawn during each visit

Weed Control* — Weed control treatments during the visit (temperatures permitting) as needed throughout the year to suppress or eliminate broadleaf weeds *Difficult to control weeds such as sedges, Bermudagrass encroachment and Dallisgrass may need special chemical treatments at additional cost.

Fertilization — Fertilization of the lawn with the recommended rates of properly balanced fertilizer, at the appropriate times

Bio-stimulant — Application of Bio-stimulant to create healthy soils and provide natural plant substances for optimal health and growth

Soil Test — Soil testing as needed and an annual application of lime at the appropriate rates based on your soil pH

Recommendations — A brief report of what was seen, what was treated, recommendations for irrigation adjustment if required and recommendations for additional services needed.

*Insect, Disease/Fungus control treatments are not included, but can be performed and billed separately outside of the basic program.

*Major pest outbreaks such as Japanese Beetle Grubs, Army Worms etc. can be controlled, but are not included in the general program. They can be treated and billed separately outside of the basic program.

Fire Ant treatments are available at additional cost.

Additional Services Available by Quotation
Aerification & Seeding — of Fescue Lawns

Aerification — of Warm-Season Lawns

Lawn Insect Control — Grubs, ticks, fire ants, army Worms or other lawn damaging insects

Fungus — Preventive or curative fungus treatments

Weed Control* — Post-Emergent control of difficult weeds like Dallisgrass, Sedges and Crabgrass*

Bermuda Elimimation Program — Encroachment control for Fescue Lawns

Provides nutrients with a low dose of water soluble organic fertilizer. Broad leaf weed control for winter weeds.

Controls crabgrass and other unsightly weeds that typically germinate in the spring.

Balanced fertilizer, broadleaf weed control

Corrects soil ph per results from soil testing

Controls Armyworm, White Grubs

Liquid and granular fertilizer

Balanced fertilizer application


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